3.249 meeting, docent, evs

Thursday 08/18/2022

This morning I had committed to attend a FOPAL coffee session at the Mitchell Park Community Center at 10:30. We have a substitute maid this month while Wanda is on vac. and she likes to do my room early, instead of the usual 2pm time that Wanda does it. So I left at 9am, did a bank deposit, then sat in the car at Mitchell Park until time. The coffee included pretty good pastries and a talk by somebody from the Library telling about all the activities they have been funding using the money that FOPAL generates.

Stuffed with pastries I went back home and changed to my docent shirt. Patty had agreed to come along on my tour so we drove down to CHM, where guess who was standing in line to buy a ticket but Denny, who I had lunch with two days back. I had told him I was doing this tour and he’d said he might come by, but it was a surprise just the same. Anyway I had a total of about 15 people, just the right size for the tour, and we had a good time.

In between various activities above, I spent a couple of hours making a spreadsheet listing all the full battery electric vehicles I might like to kick the tires of. What they approximately cost, the manufacturer website, the local dealer, etc. Have I decided to buy an full EV? Probably. I certainly do not like the looks of the current Prius line, and I’m tired of waiting for Toyota to revise it. Anyway, I think the tech and the charging infrastructure is good enough to support full EV, especially given my pathetic driving distances.

I might even go look at a Lucid, June’s fave. Patty said she had seen a Lucid up close when they were doing a demo on University ave recently and it impressed her.

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