3.248 tech, meeting, dinner

Wednesday 08/17/2022

Went for a walk. At 11:30 met with Bert to show him how to erase the hard drive of a mac that had been donated. It didn’t go quite as planned, possibly solid state drives don’t erase the same?

At 1pm there was a zoom meeting of FOPAL volunteers. The sale last weekend was very successful, over $20K income, highest since pre-pandemic days.

At 5 it was time for dinner. Tonight there is to be a talk by Larry Basso, a resident who is sort of related to Dennis from the early days (1970s) of Dennis’s first marriage. So I had invited Dennis and Larry to dinner, and two of my favorite neighbors Lennie and Caroline. Dennis and Larry did have a lot to talk about with each other catching up on various family connections.

Dennis opted not to stay around for Larry’s talk, which turned out to be a wise choice as the talk, while interesting, ran on until 9pm. Since it was not on Zoom, there was a good turnout, possibly the most people I’ve seen in the auditorium since 2019.

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