3.247 legal, writers, lunch, gym

Tuesday 08/16/2022

Yesterday I had an email from Mariah the lawyer (her receptionist corrected my pronunciation, it’s Muh RYE uh not Mah REE uh). Attached was a letter of engagement to be signed and returned, and she also requested to see the original family trust document that was the ancestor of the current survivor trust. So my self-assignment this morning was to find the old trust and deliver it and the signed letter to her. I was expecting this to take a while, but no. The old trust doc was just where I looked for it first. I found it, and had printed out the letter and signed it, all in about 5 minutes total. So I headed out in the car and walked in to the law firm in Sunnyvale at 9:01, dropped the docs with the receptionist, and was home by 9:30, feeling very accomplished.

The writers group was entertaining as usual. Mary Ann, I think it was, had written a lovely several paragraphs on family road trip in 1947.

At 12:30 I headed for “Zott’s”, Rosotti’s beer garden in Portola Valley, to meet Scott and Denny. Lots of good stories of old times.

Back at the shop I had that 3:30 appointment with the fitness instructor to get my RFID card and be introduced to the new gym equipment. Which is all pretty good and usable so now I will have no excuse but must get back to strength training on a regular basis.

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