3.246 gym, meeting, fopal

Monday 08/15/2022

Got up a little early because the new Channing House Gym was to open today. There would be demos at 7am, noon and 3pm, and I figured 7am would be the least crowded. Wrong; by 7:05 there were at least 15 people there.

Plus, Veronica the rec director wasn’t fully prepped to demo the machines, which are new and will recognize a special badge which each of us is to carry, and the badge will contain some kind of history of our workouts? Somewhat unclear. Anyway I have an appointment to get my badge tomorrow at 3:30.

From there I went on my usual walk. At 10:30 came the monthly event coordinators’ meeting, where they go over the calendar for the upcoming month and note the planned events.

At the end of this meeting I grabbed Nancy, who coordinates concerts and such, all excited to tell her about Suzanne and how she could do a recital for her students. Oops, no; Nancy informed me that there is a long-standing policy NOT to invite music teachers to give recitals here. Too many music teachers around, apparently. So later I had to email Suzanne and apologize.

Off to FOPAL to clean up the computer section after a sale weekend. It was apparently a good sale, netting over $15K in all. Quite a few gaps on my shelves. It took a couple of hours to triage the shelves, send a couple of boxes of books that had seen at least 3 sale weekends without selling, to the bargain room.’

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