3.245 Docent, dinner

Sunday 08/14/2022

After the usual Sunday morning things, plants, crossword, yadda, I had nothing to do until leaving for the museum at 1. So I went for a moderate walk, and then generally wasted time on the internet. At 1pm I went to the Museum and led the 2pm tour. They had canceled the noon tour for lack of docent, I noticed. They really need to start a docent training program and recruit a few more. Anyway, the crowd looked light, but in the usual magical way, at 1:57 I was talking to five people and at 2:00 I had a group of over 30. It’s really amazing, like they come up out of the floor or something. I managed to keep most of them interested right to the end, yay me.

Back home, change clothes, take a short nap. Then at 6:15, out to dinner at Suzanne’s.

Suzanne was my manager at Informix lo these many years ago. 1980-85? Besides being an excellent manager, her side gig was being a piano teacher, and Marian and I attended a couple of student recitals at her place over the years. Her then-husband Chuck was (still is) a realtor. Chuck helped us buy and sell two properties in the 80s, and as noted in the first year of this blog, was my agent selling the Tasso house.

Last year she had gotten in touch to let me know that she and Chuck were divorced and she was now living with Jim. Last week I saw a funny email about musical terms and forwarded it to her, with the result she invited me to dinner with them. So off to their place, what turns out to be Jim’s long-time home in Menlo Park. We sat at their kitchen table while Jim cooked dinner and jawed away, telling our three respective life stories, from 6:30 to 9:30. Very pleasant an informative evening. Jim is a multi-talented person with degrees in both EE and law, a practicing lawyer and a near-pro level photographer as well as other hobbies. Suzanne has gone to full-time piano teaching.

Home late, nearly my bedtime, and I have to get up early (writing this at 6:15am) today.

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