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Saturday 08/13/2022

Pretty much a nothing day, I didn’t leave the building.

Last night before I went to bed I did something I’d been thinking about, namely, set up the Nikon on a tripod with the 500mm mirror lens pointing at the hummingbird feeder. From about 8 feet distance, its field of view nicely frames a hummingbird’s size. With the sun up this morning I shot a bunch of pictures, exactly one of which was sharp and well composed. I shared it on the CHBB list and got lots of nice reactions back.

Not quite perfect, a perfect shot would not have cropped off the end of her tail.

Also yesterday a new flash drive arrived from Amazon. One by a name-brand maker, SanDisk, so presumably not fake garbage like the previous one. I put it to work copying the Users folders from Lois’s old iMac, so as I promised her I would have all of her old files if she needed them (she won’t). Then before supper I started the machine reformatting the hard drive with a “secure erase” meaning it writes every sector twice. I am hoping that this will improve its horrible slow performance. That took 2 hours. Meanwhile I cleaned its filthy keyboard and the case and screen. Now it is re-installing the OS. I can probably see it booting before bedtime.

At 2pm I went down to the auditorium to run a movie. Karen who manages the movie series had chosen Lion about an Indian orphan who uses Google Earth to figure out where he was born and go back and (spoiler) find his mother. I was ok with it to about the half-way point where they introduce a lot of (I thought) unnecessary family conflict and misunderstandings, so I mentally checked out and read a book on my phone.

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