3.235 fiduciary, hair, software

Thursday 08/04/2022

I meant to show this picture yesterday. Working on the Studebaker model. The kit contains two little molded coil-over shock absorbers. The molding doesn’t actually show the shocks, just the coil part with a solid center. But I figured if I painted inside red and the outer edges of the coils with metal (“oily steel” is the name of the paint), the eye would be fooled into seeing a red shock inside a metal coil. And it kinda works.

Big event this morning was an appointment with a Fiduciary, a person licensed to handle money and related affairs. This is to attach a professional agency as the Successor Trustee to my trust, to handle the termination of my estate after I die. Currently that’s Dennis. While I’m sure he could handle the job, it would be an unkind burden. Much better to have a pro doing it. So the appointment was with Charley at Prime Fiduciary in Los Altos. There is paperwork still to be done which must be done by a lawyer. He recommended one, and on return to CH I emailed her. And shortly got an “on vacation” email back. So that’s on hold for another two weeks until she gets back.

On the way back from Los Altos I stopped at the Copy Factory and picked up the posters for the VCF.

I was rudely wakened from a nice nap about 3pm by a phone call, from Leah the hair dresser reminding me that my haircut appointment was now.

After supper I spent two hours happily absorbed in software. I had downloaded my Tetris experiments. This was in Python using the Qt5 GUI package. However Qt5 is out of date and I had to modify the code to use the next release, Qt6. This took an hour of fiddling, running the code, having it stop on an error where a name had changed or something, fix that, repeat. But after a while, viola, up it came. Just over 1500 lines of code (well, counting extensive comments) and it looks like it’s working. Gonna play me some Tetris.

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