3.234 futzing around

Not much to do today. I took a walk. I worked on the model car. I started to mess around with one of my old programs. You see, all my old programs, at least the ones I wrote in the last 15 years, are on GitHub. Just sitting there, waiting for me to come back and finish them. Or at least, to read them. So something reminded me recently of one of them and I started re-reading my old code, and there is very little reading more fascinating that one’s own writing, as any writer will tell you. So I got to wondering, if I updated one of these to use the current version of all the libraries it includes, would it still run. So I tried, and it ran. I may just keep playing around. It’s very seductive. You can really wallow in this stuff, just lose yourself. Well, I can, I don’t know about you, but I can just shut out the world and disappear into this stuff.

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