3.236 moving day

Friday 08/05/2022

Today was the big day to assemble as a crew and move to the Vintage Computer Fest, the boxes of Vintage Computer books we have been saving since last year’s fest. I met with John, the FOPAL treasurer at 12, to get the iPad and the Square card reader, and the cash box with $150 in change in it.

Then at 1 Frank showed up and we three and John’s daughter Iliana began moving boxes out of the storage closet they’d been in, to where the truck could park. Same storage closet has many boxes of LP records. They’ll have to have a vinyl sale soon, the one two years ago was very successful.

Then Allen arrived with a pickup truck already half full of the old books and stuff he meant to sell in the consignment area, and we loaded him up with 15 boxes, and put the last 6 in my Prius, and off to the CHM.

There we used hand trucks to move many boxes through the loading dock up the freight elevator, to our tables. And started putting books out, trying to organize them and make them look nice. A long two hours of that. About 4:45 I declared it done enough, we could finish up before the show opens tomorrow. I dropped Frank and the hand truck at FOPAL and came on home. Pretty tired. But glad to have this part done, I’ve been trying to get this coordinated for days it feels like. Actually minding the tables and selling books for 8 hours two days in a row will be easy.

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