3.233 managing

Tuesday 08/02/2022

Before the writers group I put in an hour on the Studebaker model, and more than an hour on various emails, trying to coordinate the FOPAL book sale at the vintage computer fest which is coming up this weekend. Simple enough, we need somebody with a truck or van to move 20 boxes of books, and access to the FOPAL cash box and credit card gear. And I wanted to make a couple of posters.

Four of us went out to lunch at Casa Lupe, then I had a nap, and then more emails. The posters, it turns out, can be made at the Copy Factory, all you need aside from a credit card is a PDF of what your sign should say. Oh. I had the text in mind (Frame your vintage computer in period books) but had given no thought to layout or art or anything.

So at 3pm I tackled that and in not too long I had found clip art and designed a poster and made a PDF and uploaded it and there you are. Sometimes I amaze myself.

The Copy Factory has a really usable web interface for specifying your poster and ordering it. So I should have two of those by Thursday.

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