3.238 docent

Thursday 07/28/2022

Not much to do today before the 3pm tour that was rescheduled from yesterday. Worked a bit on the Studebaker engine and then looked at the dash. To my surprise, they had cast microscopic little numbers and hands on all the dials. You could barely make them out. But I tried putting some dilute black paint on them and then rubbing the tops of the marks with the tip of a toothpick, to uncover the white plastic. I’ll have to do some more of it but it did bring the numbers out.

At 2pm Wanda knocked on the door and I grabbed my docent bag and a hat and headed out. The custom tour group was a group of high-school level students on a summer computer camp. Most were from Italy. I’d thought from the name of the group, CodeEng (coding in plain English) they would be from England, and I had boned up a bit on early British computers. But it turned out they were mostly from Italy, only one Brit, so that was wasted effort. Anyway they were mostly attentive and seemed to enjoy themselves.

When I got back at 5 I found that Wanda had locked my door. Fine, only I had not taken my keys with me, only the car key. So I had to call the front desk and have a facilities guy come and let me in.

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