3.237 failed expectations

I didn’t go for a walk first thing because I was focused on the tour I was to lead at 11:30, for which I should leave about 10:45. So I had breakfast and changed into my docent clothes and fiddled around, and left at 10:40 without a last look at my email.

Turns out, when I got to the museum, that in an email received about 10:20, Jesse the front desk boss had notified me that the tour was rescheduled for tomorrow. So I had had a nice drive for nothing. Back at CH I changed to regular clothes and then went for my usual walk, ending with picking up a prescription at CVS.

I am interested in this tour group, described as “eager young coders from England”, and I do have time to take the tour tomorrow at 3.

Next up I was to be the AV person for a talk at 7:30, which I thought was happening in the auditorium with a live speaker, so I was planning to go to the auditorium about 6 to set up. But I talked to David M. first, and between us we worked out that oh no, this is a zoom only event and the speaker is in Minnesota. Which makes it a much simpler job, just running a zoom meeting, no problem at all. I created the meeting but David M. is much more used to being the host for these things, and enjoys it, so he took over and ran it very nicely.

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