3.239 tech, managing, concert

Friday 07/29/2022

Went for the standard walk in the morning and felt fine. The next item on my calendar was to move the car up to the street level, preparing for a brisk 5pm departure. However about 1pm I got an assignment from the tech squad: Dave T. (yes, another David, to go with David G and David M) was having trouble with his iMac.

This iMac was just being glacially slow, taking forever to respond to the simplest click. I couldn’t find a cause, except that a couple of things I saw strongly suggested that it was having repeated disk errors and recovering from them. I spent an hour fooling with it. Finally I said the only solution I know is to get another computer (this one was from 2015). An hour later Dave T. called me and said he had ordered a new computer. I think this one, similar to Lois’s of a few days ago, could be fixed if its hard disk was given a low-level format and the OS reinstalled. But I’m not sure and that’s a lot of trouble to go to. Even when it has a full backup, as this one did.

At 4pm was the A/V committee meeting for the month, to allocate events of August to volunteers. Then we talked about what is likely to come from the recent (two days ago) resignation of Vanessa, the staff IT director.

At 5pm I met in the lobby with Sandy to leave for a concert in the City as SFJazz. This is quite an adventure, driving into town, parking in the public garage, eating in a restaurant, attending a concert. Heavy stuff!

The concert was two acts, C.J. Chenier (son of a famous Zydeco accordianist), and Marcia Ball, described this way. I had expected these two New Orleans musicians to perform together, but not so. Chenier was first, played from 7:30 to about 8:40, then there was a 20 minute break while they cleared the stage of everything but the drum kit, and set up for Marcia Ball’s band. Then they came on and played. This was not the greatest format. For one thing, they try to finish by 10pm, and this limited each act to an hour. It also caused me some stress as I had heard the garage I used closed at 10, and I was picturing my car being locked in if they ran over.

In the end we got to the garage about 10:05, along with several other people, and one exit was already blocked but another was still open.

I am going again tomorrow night with Scott and June for this double bill, but notice this one has an ampersand in the title (Bishop & Musselwhite) where the one today had a slash (Ball/Chenier), also it is described as a “duo performance”. So I am hoping tomorrow the two stars will be on stage together.

The music tonight was pretty loud, and although I didn’t mind it, I did notice some ringing in my ears as we left the building. Tomorrow I will pick up a package of earplugs to share out.

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