3.236 much bidness

Tuesday 07/26/2022

Woke up determined to take care of some “bidness”.

In the middle of the night it had occurred to me that I hadn’t heard anything from Erik Klein, the organizer of the Vintage Computer Fest, where we will be selling books weekend after next. Last year he had sent a detailed email to all exhibitors early on. Went into the email looking for his email address and luckily my search terms turned up the letter I had expected, which had arrived two days ago and gone into spam!

With that in hand, I wrote an email to a list of FOPAL people asking for help in organizing transport for 25 boxes of books, and other details for the weekend.

Then I picked up an info sheet Patty had given me, recommending a Fiduciary firm that she and others here have been using for their trusts. The Family Trust such as I have, is a very convenient and sensible way to manage an estate and avoid probate. However, when the remaining trustee (which is me) dies, there has to be a Successor Trustee who will be responsible for winding up the estate and distributing the proceeds as spelled out in the estate documents. Currently my successor is Dennis, followed by Marian’s cousin Darlene and Marian’s nephew Marc. All good and decent people but two are already retired and one isn’t that close and none are interested enough to have the considerable legal burden of an estate dumped on them.

Hence a professional Fiduciary, a legally trustworthy person or agency who will act as successor trustee. To get a handle on this I emailed Bob Sullivan, head partner in the financial management company that has been overseeing The Nest Egg for 30 years. He wrote back almost instantly (really, under 10 minutes) saying basically, it is an excellent idea to get a professional fiduciary as successor, and he knows the people Patty recommended and likes them. So later today I will call them.

Then it was time for the writers meeting, where I had a submission to read for once.

After lunch I took care of more stuff. When I saw the doctor last week, she referred me to dermatology for a routine look-over, and now I finally got around to calling for that appointment — which turns out to be in October. Skin doctors are busy.

Then I called the Fiduciary company. Someone will call me back tomorrow to make an appointment.

In the evening I did my laundry, including ironing my chinos and my red docent shirt. This relieves the time crunch I had, trying to do my laundry and get to the museum for an 11:30 tour which I am scheduled for tomorrow.

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