3.235 Tara’s camp, fopal

Monday 07/25/2022

Out first thing to register campers for Tara’s camp. Talking to Eileen, the director of basketball operations, she said that the announcement of USC and UCLA leaving the PAC-12 was a complete surprise for everyone. Her opposite number at UCLA told her, they only found out when a reporter for the NYT called the head coach that morning.

Anyway, we did our thing and the half-dozen volunteers shared a free breakfast at the cafe on SWBB’s tab.

Then directly to FOPAL to process 6 boxes of mostly, useless stuff: two high-value and about a dozen books shelved for sale.

Leaving FOPAL I stopped at Piazza’s groceries to get a loaf of bread and some drinks. Outside in the produce display were some “heirloom cantaloupe” and I suddenly had a yen to eat cantaloupe. I bought one and brought it home, and my lunch was a half of a cantaloupe eaten out of the shell. Delicious.

Diddled around the rest of the day doing nothing special.

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