3.234 docent

Sunday 07/24/2022

By 8:30 I had watered the plants and read the paper. Ho-hum. I finally left early for my docent tour, the noon slot. I had a big crowd, 30 or so, and most of them stuck with me to the end and gave me a nice hand. So that was good.

I had to do a little planning for the upcoming week. Tomorrow I have to scoot out of here super early to be at Maples Pavilion before 7:30 to help with registration at Tara’s third and final basketball camp of the year.

Wednesday morning I have my laundry slot, but have to start it early so I can get my red docent shirt washed and ironed in time to make an 11:30 am tour. I am looking forward to this tour, for “20 enthusiastic young coders”. Wednesday evening I have to do A/V for a speaker.

And I just worked out the timing for Friday’s trip to the city to hear Marcia Ball at SFJazz. Show at 7:30; restaurant reservation at 6:15; need to leave Channing house at 5pm to be sure of making those times. And that again on Saturday.

Today, other the docent tour, I didn’t do much other than peel the masking off the studebaker.

Little masking error there on the cowl. Also a little touchup on the front seats. Oh well.

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