3.233 festivals

Saturday 07/23/2022

Sitting around with the newspaper and the TV news on, I noted that there was an arts festival in Oakland today. Well, why not? I had nothing else planned. Dennis didn’t want to go, so off I went alone. First I drove down to Midtown and had breakfast at the PA Cafe. Then on to Oakland.

The “Art and Soul” fest turned out to be a pretty average art and craft faire with music.

There was a strong Black Culture flavor to the arts and crafts which was a nice change. The weather was about as nice as it could be.

I was back home by 2pm. Through the afternoon I finished spraying the Studebaker. Then about 5:45 I set off on foot for Rinconada park, a bit less than a mile away, to hear a free concert by a Santana tribute band. Just out the door, I was accosted by Stew and Kathy driving by, headed for the same concert, so I didn’t have to walk after all.

I got myself a nice taco plate from a food truck and listened to about the first half of the concert. Here’s a view of the event.

Still just beautiful weather, about 72F and clear skies. What a lovely day it was.

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