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Friday 07/22/2022

Took a walk in the morning but felt sub-par and cut the length by half. Felt off-color the first half of the day. No temperature. After an hour long nap at 1pm I felt better.

During the morning I sent emails related to the A/V committee, scheduling the next meeting. Managing, bleh. I think I am stuck with this gig for another year, since I instigated the Heritage Circle grant request for more equipment. I am informed by a reliable source that the grant request has been, or will be, approved. That won’t be announced officially for months yet, then there will be the process of revising the spec with the vendor and overseeing the installation. Maybe this time in ’23 I will be able to quit.

I also refreshed the exhibit on my picture rails. This has kinda turned into an obligation instead of a pleasure.

Everybody in the Tower has art on their hallway walls. It’s a kind of rule: you own the wall outside your apartment and can post anything you want. Most people hang a few favorite images and then forget about it. When we had to clear out of the 6th floor for the upgrade, there was some hoo-hah about whose pictures were whose, and it turned out that more than a few of the paintings and prints belonged to people who were long dead, nobody ever took them down.

I thought I had a great idea: put up a couple of picture rails and I could put up a changing exhibit of my fave fotos. I’ve got the high-quality printer, and the software and know-how, to make good quality prints. I stocked up on cheap plastic frames and high-quality large-format paper (11×14, 11×17). I got some compliments on the pics, too. There are people who get their exercise by walking all the halls, and they noticed the changing pics.

So the months roll on, and every time I come back to my apartment I’m thinking, how long have these been up, is it time to change them? I’ve changed the selection several times and now it was getting old again. So yesterday and today I printed up six 11×14’s of sculptures. So there’s a theme. They’re good for at least a month. I don’t think I’ll change them until September.

I also masked the parts of the Studebaker that should remain gray, and then sprayed the maroon. Well, first I sprayed clear. I got this great tip from a YT video: after masking, your first coat should be a light clear coat. Then if there are any leaks, anyplace where paint can crawl under your masking tape, it will be clear that does it, and it sets and seals the leaks. So I sprayed clear varnish and then the maroon. Here’s the main body.

The wrinkly rough parts are masking tape. The maroon is not as dark as I hoped, it’s more like a deep cherry red. Well, too bad. I’m going with it. After the paint’s had a day to get hard I will carefully peel the tape off and should have a lovely two-tone paint job. The windshield wipers and door handle are also masked, with a liquid “frisket” product that rubs off.

The paint has a matte finish when dry but that doesn’t matter. After I have put on enough coats and it is hard, I will very lightly sand it, and then it gets about 3 coats of clear gloss. And that gets polished. The car will shine, one day.

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