3.231 driving, docent, hobbies

Thursday 07/21/2022

I had signed up to work today at the Shustek center in Milpitas. That meant a 9:15 departure. Before that I needed to tidy the apartment ready for Wanda to clean it at 2pm.

I also rearranged some pictures on my picture rails outside. I had been thinking about what to put up there. It’s time-consuming to make nice prints and I hadn’t gotten around to making new ones in some time. But today I decided that I would have time tomorrow to make some new prints, so for now I just put up some old flower pics.

So, off to the East Bay. I got there in good time and settled down in the car to continue listening to a podcast until it would be time to go in. Naturally I looked at my email and found — an 8am note from Rachel, in charge of the Shustek workers, apologizing for waking up sick and calling off the day’s work. So I’d had a 20-mile drive for nothing, and now a drive back. On the other hand, my day was now free.

When I got back there was email from Jessie, who runs the front of house staff at the museum, pleading for docents today and later in the week. So, well, my day was free, why not? So I signed up for the noon tour. I had an hour before I’d have to leave, during which I printed one new picture.

The tour was a bit of a disappointment, I had only 5 people, one of whom had to leave early. I tried out a new sequence of presentation which went ok.

Back home I printed another picture, and began masking parts of the Studebaker for spraying the maroon color.

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