3.230 tech

Wednesday 07/20/2022

Went for the walk. On return, picked up packages for me. One was the spray paint cans I’d ordered for the Studebaker. Later I prepped the parts by wiping them down in alcohol (to get rid of finger grease and other things that will make paint not stick) and a light scrub with fine steel wool (to give the paint some “tooth” to grip). Then I sprayed everything that needs to be gray, two coats. I really like this paint from “Mr. Model”, a Japanese firm. It sprays on nice, levels out quick, immediately opaque. Much nicer to use than the Tamiya spray I used on the T-bird.

The “smoke gray” color has a trace more yellow that I expected, it isn’t a pure gray, but I’m going with it. Anyway, that now dries for a couple of days. Then I will mask the parts to remain gray, and spray the maroon bits.

At 1pm I went to the auditorium to prep the A/V for a talk at 3pm. Yes, two hours ahead, because I’m OCD about this. Doing a zoom simulcast there is just so much to remember. I took some pictures of the setup and mean to use them to further illustrate my how-to guide. The audio part is a snap. Prep a lapel mic for the speaker and a hand-held for the person to introduce them, check the levels, done. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. I won’t go on. In the end it all came off, except that I forgot to enable zoom recording, so we don’t have a recording of the presentation. Which the event manager Ann said, was no issue, don’t worry about it.

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