3.229 medical, tech

Tuesday 07/19/2022

Today I have an appointment for an echocardiagram at 11am. I start walking to the Encina street office of PAMF at 10:15. The procedure is routine. I hope the pictures are routine, also, showing a normally operating heart. Have to wait for somebody to read it.

I sit down at my desktop machine and find it has dozens of alerts about not properly ejecting my backup drive. What? I reboot and find that the backup drive has not mounted. I put my ear on it, no sound. It’s slightly warm so the electronics are working, but it sounds as if the disk has quit. Oh no.

I buy another 5TB, $100 drive for delivery tomorrow. I will then take full backups of both machines, so their present contents will be backed up. But I’ve lost the history of backups. That’s the ability to open the Time Machine made and scroll a folder back day by day and month by month. Meh, I don’t care.

There’s a lot of shit I don’t care about any more, you know? I was scrolling through the next two weeks of the PBS channels, looking for things to record, and there was an awful lot of shoes I might once have been interested in, and now don’t care about.

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