3.223 laundry, meeting, concert

Wednesday 07/13/2022

This turned out to be a less busy day than I expected. I had been booked to lead a private tour at the museum at 1:30. So I started the laundry, went for a walk, came back and finished the laundry around 10:30. Changed in to my red docent shirt and got my stuff together for that. Then I got an email: sorry, the Facebook group have canceled their tour at the last minute, sorry for the late notice. So I got my afternoon back.

Had lunch and puttered around. Went over the body and hood pieces of the Studebaker, filing and sanding off mold marks and trimming edges so everything fits nicely. Puttered in my garden for a bit.

At 4:30 it was time for the 6th floor monthly meeting. This time we had CEO Rhonda as a guest. She has been attending floor meetings for the past two months, has two floors to go. The purpose is to review the several items off the last satisfaction survey that scored low, where people on average were not satisfied with Channing House. Some of us had heard that she had a rather rough time on another floor, and several of us resolved that we’d treat her nicely on the 6th floor. Which we did, although serious issues were addressed quite freely.

Every floor meeting the floor reps (who are now Carolyn and Edie, replacing Jerry) reserve tables in the dining room, so we moved on to dinner as a group. I had to eat quickly because I wanted to leave at 6:30 for a concert on the campus.

This was the annual Ruth Davies Blues Night for the Stanford summer jazz festival, this year with Shemekia Copeland. It was a fun concert, very good musicians, just solid blues and soul. It seemed to short at just over an hour, and to my surprise, no encore.

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