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Tuesday 07/12/2022

First thing this morning I walked over to University ave and picked up a prescription at CVS. The first planned activity this morning was the writers meeting at 10:45, but about 10 Rich, one of my AV volunteers, called from the auditorium, needing a bit of a consult on an upcoming meeting. I was able to resolve his issue. Then the writers meeting was fun, several entertaining little essays.

Next up I drove to Safeway and bought a 10 pound sack of sugar for the hummingbirds. After months of refilling a single feeder every 3-4 days, we are now at the peak with half a dozen birds emptying two feeders in less than a day.

On to FOPAL where I finished culling old books out of my section and processed another two boxes.

Next was what I was looking forward to: a trip to a hobby store. After spending at least three hours online over the last couple of days, I have figured out which spray paints most closely match my memory of Gary Pierce’s father’s 1953 Studebaker. I’m convinced it was two-tone maroon and gray. It looked like this,

…except imagine the pistachio green on that car is maroon instead. Months ago I picked up a 53 studebaker kit and I’m going to build it next.

Parenthetically, that is going to be a bitch of a kit to build well. There are so many little details… Look at the top of the rear fender, see that chrome rail? On the model, that is cast into the fender, just a little raised ridge about 1/16 of an inch high. How to make that look like chrome is a major issue. Or the chrome trim around the rear window or the drip rail.

Anyway the first step is to paint the body shell, and that means, finding the right color of spray paint. There is a great online resource where you can see the actual Studebaker paint chips. All I have to do is find a match to “Coral Red” and “Olympic Gray”. After 3+ hours of online research as I said, I settled on two colors from a japanese hobby paint company, Mr. Color, which are sold by a local retailer in Redwood City. Which is where I went, but alas! Their door was locked and they say they are only doing business over the web. Their web page doesn’t say that, but what can you do.

Tomorrow will be just as busy but in a different way.

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