3.224 doctor, city run, tech

Thursday 07/14/2022

Out the door at 8 for a medical appointment: a routine “wellness checkup” as the social security codes it, formerly a “physical”. Dr. Marx was as nice as ever, and was very pleased with my condition. The kidney cyst seems to be stable in the last couple of scans I’ve had so that is not an issue. She recommended a dermatology checkup, my last was in 2019.

Back home and then out again for a run to the City. I took Caltrain and Lyft to get to SFJazz at Hayes and Franklin. I have tickets to concerts on two successive nights, July 29 and 30 and wanted to check out the parking options and the eating options. My old favorite casual eating place has closed, but there are numerous other decent-looking places that will be open. And the Performing Arts garage is convenient. On previous trips to SFJazz I have parked in an on-street lot, but with car break-ins becoming so common in SF, I would rather park in an enclosed garage.

Back home by 3:30 and I got a tech squad dispatch. Ann turned on her 10-year-old Samsung TV and heard a loud “pop” noise, and the screen stayed black. Pop is not a good noise. I looked at it an gave it last rites. The TV had some working electronics, its pilot light glowed and flickered when you gave it a command from the remote, but it didn’t do anything. No menu, no picture, nothing. So I helped her measure the hutch she keeps the TV in, it is barely big enough for a 40-inch one, and told her to shop best buy.

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