3.221 tech, fopal

Monday 07/11/2022

First up this morning was the monthly Resident Association meeting. Since I’d written document on how to do a zoom simulcast, David G. who usually manages this event, asked me to come along and help. And between us we managed to botch things up pretty good. Somehow we had a nasty audio feedback thing happening that we couldn’t tame until half way through the event. Paul and Gerald from the IT department tried to help, even Vanessa the IT manager, and it was a bit reassuring that they couldn’t figure it out either.

Shaky panorama from stage left – David G being zoom host, Margaret secretary, Carol president

Anyway, after that fiasco was over, I went down to FOPAL for the usual post-sale triage. Pretty much have to look at every book, and decide if its price should be reduced, or if it has been there through enough sales to give up on it. I got about halfway through and ran out of steam. I’ll go back tomorrow to finish.

Had a nice evening meal at a table for 6 with some of my favorite neighbors, just a pick-up group. Eva just back from her birth city of Prague, told us about that, etc.

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