3.220 walk, theater

Sunday 07/10/2022

After watering the plants and doing the Sunday puzzle I decided that (a) I needed a walk and (b) needed to check my section at FOPAL, to tidy it up before the second day of the sale weekend. Per Google maps it is 3.3 miles walking from here to there. So I took a Lyft down there. My section was surprisingly neat, not the usual disorder left by shoppers. Which doesn’t speak well for the sale weekend.

Then I walked back. I stopped in Midtown about 10am and had a protein (mostly) breakfast, ham omelet and OJ. So fair amount of exercise, and a filling brunch, so I skipped lunch.

At 1:30 I joined Patty who drove us to the Pear theater to see Edward Albee’s Three Tall Women. It was, um, interesting. In the first act, a 92-year old woman who is not all there mentally, reminisces about her life to a caretaker and a young legal aid. Although she’s mixed up about a lot of things, you get a fairly clear outline of her biography. Albee, and the actress, are mercilessly exact in perfectly reproducing the quarrelsome, crochety speech patterns of a once-powerful woman with failing faculties.

In the second act the old woman has had a stroke and is a comatose dummy in bed, while the same three actors now take on her persona at ages 26, 52, and 78, and argue over the phases of her life, when she was happiest, or if she was every happy at all. The actors were excellent in what must be very demanding roles. Not a comfortable play to sit through.

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