3.219 docent

Saturday 07/09/2022

Pretty much all I did today was to go to the Museum and lead the noon tour. Started with about 30 people, still had more than 20 at the end, and got a nice round of applause. The rest of the day I just lazed around, reading and watching youtube videos.

Not eating bonbons, though. I’m off carbs. Again. A couple of months ago I dieted my way down to below 163. (June 1, 161.8, I have it right there in my vitals spreadsheet.) Then I stopped dieting and over the following month, day by day creep creep creep, my weight went up again (July 9, 167.2). Was I indulging in candy and cookies and beer and stuff? Not really, although several times I did have ice cream for dessert after dinner. So anyway, I’m not exactly dieting, but I am eschewing carbolicious food, trying to eat just fats and protein and veg.

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