3.218 tech, lunch

Friday 07/08/2022

Went for The Walk. Right after, I had a date with Lois and Randy to help activate Lois’s new iMac. That took most of an hour but was successful. While the iMac was transferring files from the old backup disk, I helped her identify some stuff that had been at the back of her desk for, she said, years. One was an external hard drive that was plugged in to power but not to the Mac, and was blinking red/blue like it had a problem. I took it away and checked it out later, it was a 400GB drive but it couldn’t spin up. For at least a year it had been sitting back there blinking that it had a problem, and nobody knew. Or cared. Another was a nice powered speaker set, bass and two tweeters, also not connected. And couldn’t be connected because it wanted stereo RCA jacks in. Lois’s “old” iMac, at least 5 years old, behind which the set had been sitting, doesn’t have analog stereo outputs. Maybe her machine before that had, but that was a while ago, and since then, the speakers have been taking up space and gathering dust.

Then I stopped by and helped Dr. Margaret resolve some problems with Mac Mail. I hate the Mail app but everybody else uses it, except it doesn’t do what they want. This was quite a tour through the app’s many settings to get things how Margaret wanted them.

Which brought me to lunch time. Today I met with Patty, Lois, Randy and Mildred. We crammed into Lois’s Prius and off to Mandarin Roots on El Camino, a highly regarded chinese place. We had several dishes, a couple really good and a couple just meh. The point was to check it out for Patty. Her son, his wife, and 2 teenage grandkids are coming to visit next month. They’ve requested chinese and mexican cuisine so Patty is trying everybody’s recommendations.

Nothing scheduled after that. I goofed off in my room, had a PBJ supper, and that was it.

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