3.200 busy day

Monday 06/20/2022

Went for the walk first thing. Back in plenty of time to do a couple of things to the t-bird before the Events Committee meeting. When that wound up at 12, I went down to start the the car. It started, which was a small win. Because yesterday, when I parked the car after coming back from the theater, there was a message on the dashboard, “Key battery low” and I couldn’t lock the car. Fortunately I have a second key fob in my desk. But it hasn’t been used in years, was its battery ok? As I entered the garage I clicked the unlock button and across the floor, the car beeped. So that was OK.

I drove to Ace Hardware and bought two 1623 batteries. Then on to FOPAL. I bought some lunch food next door and ate, then went in and processed 6 boxes of books.

Back home, I changed the batteries in both key fobs, and put the one I had been using in the desk, and the one from the desk in my pocket. After that I had a short nap and then it was time to go downstairs for Rhonda’s open meeting. It turned out that this was where she presented the Strategic Plan, developed by the committee I was on over the preceding months. She did a nice job of the presentation, I was impressed by what good work we had done. Not that I feel like I contributed anything much to it.

Shortly after that was over it was time to meet with Jerry Betty Gwen and Caroline for supper. This was nominally to send Caroline off for her ankle replacement, actually day after tomorrow. This will be her second ankle replacement. Apparently she was satisfied with the first one.

By the time we finished eating it was almost time for a concert, jazz piano and vocals by a couple of local doctors. They were really good amateur performers.

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