3.201 basketball, grant pitch

Tuesday 06/21/2022

I had to get going early. I was due to join some other volunteers at Maples Pavilion to help register girls for Tara’s summer basketball camp, at 7:30am. There were me, Lily, Harriet, and three others whose names I didn’t get. I was assigned to the “H-L” table. Between 8 and 9am I registered 25 or so girls. See the camper’s vaccination card, see their proof of a recent negative Covid test, give them their name sticker, tell them where to go next. Easy.

By 10 am I was back. Now it was time to meet with the committee that evaluates Heritage Circle grant applications. They were going through all the applicants and had assigned each person a ten-minute slot between 9:30 and 11. I had the 10:40 slot. I had practiced my ten-minute pitch — actually 8 minutes with time for questions after — several times in preceding days. But I changed it a bit on the day. As I was waiting to go in, my neighbor Joan came out from giving her pitch — something about improving food services — and stopped to remind the three of us waiting, that the committee was mostly board members who don’t live here, and don’t have a lot of familiarity with the details of our life. So keep it basic and don’t assume they know everything. A very good reminder.

The committee was friendly and seemed very appreciative of my explanation of our plan for technical improvements in the auditorium.

The rest of the day was pretty easy. I put in another hour on the t-bird model. I can see the end of that project, see it well enough that I made a punch-list of the items yet to do, and it was only one page.

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