3.199 docent, play

Sunday 06/19/2022

Went to the museum at 11 to lead the noon tour. Quite a large group, 25 or more, and I kept the attention of most of them to the end.

Being a holiday, the dining room was closed after lunch, with sack suppers distributed. So again the 6th floor had a group picnic in our dining room. I had to eat fast, as I had tickets for Ragtime at Theaterworks at 7pm. Patty, being quarantined with covid, had given away her ticket to Florrie, and I offered her a ride, so I had company on the trip.

The production of Ragtime was very professional, all the singers spot on and all the stage moves precise. I thought very poorly of the book, just a random string of highly improbable coincidences. No way could that ever happen, I was thinking over and over. But pleasant music.

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