3.198 movie

Saturday 06/18/2022

In the morning I walked over to the farmers market, in part to hear the Peninsulaires, the men’s harmony singing group that my neighbor Bert belongs to, who were being the free music act at the market. I also bought a pastry of course, and another one plus some cherries for lunch.

At 3pm I was the AV support for showing a movie in the auditorium. The movie was Cruella, with Emma Stone and Emma Thompson having a diva face-off. (Note, I do not select the movies.) I was all excited thinking the younger one was the Hermoine from Harry Potter, but no that is Emma Watson you dummy. The movie was scheduled for 3pm, so I showed a 1952 MovieTone newsreel at 2:30 followed by a Three Stooges short. (I have no shame.) It’s really easy; takes like 2 minutes to lower the screen and set up the projector to mirror the screen of a laptop. Then you have the whole world of youtube to choose from. I would like to show a Loony Tunes cartoon, but the ones I find on YT are really crap low-res transfers. The movie is a CD from Netflix, which I play from an external CD player.

For supper I walked up to The Creamery and had a sandwich and shake. Completing a very pleasant day.

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