3.193 meeting, fopal

Monday 06/13/2022

The monthly Residents Association meeting was scheduled for 9am today, and David G. had asked for my help running it, so no walk today. The meeting went off all right. Then I drove to FOPAL. This is the Monday after a sale weekend, and I expected to find a bunch of books to price, but they hadn’t brought out the sorted boxes that had been held the week before the sale. So all I had to do, and it was quite enough, was to clean up the shelves, count the books (84 sold) and check the remaining 300+ books to pick out ones that had been on the shelf for more than 5 sales, to send them to the bargain room. I then bought some groceries to stock my refrigerator.

Talking to Dennis later we set dates for a road trip, for mid-August.

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