3.192 party, concert

Sunday 06/12/2022

Two events today. For the first I left at noon and drove to San Jose for a baby shower, for my niece Denise. Met with lots of relatives I don’t see often enough. Denise is probably the most competent and grounded member of the family, which is good.

From there I drove to Menlo Park for a house concert which I thought started at 3:30 but in fact didn’t start until 4, so I was early. I had not been to this house before, a very pleasant back yard surrounded by trees. The music was by Dirty Cello, which is really Rebecca Roudman and her husband. Rebecca plays cello, classic-style with local symphonies, and as Dirty Cello does rock, bluegrass and klesmer music. I took a really nice video of them doing “Orange Blossom Special”.

I first heard these two play on the street at a Palo Alto World Music Day back around 2014 or so, and I’ve seen them maybe five times since. (Sorry for the blurry picture. WordPress “optimized” the video down from 1080p to something like half that.)

Had a good lunch at the baby shower, and a couple snacks at the concert, so skipped supper.

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