3.194 cold call, tech, meeting, fopal

Tuesday 06/14/2022

Went for a shortish walk first thing. Then paid a bill and worked on the t-bird model for a bit. And screwed up the model, so annoying. I was assembling the windshield, molded from clear plastic, into its frame of chromed plastic. Had carefully dry-fitted, all checked out. So put on cement on the frame and tried to drop the window in, and missed, and got cement on the clear plastic. The cement melts the plastic so now there’s a big smear on the window. I set it aside to harden. Tomorrow I will use my set of graded fine sandpapers to sand it smooth and clear again. I hope.

Then I placed a call to a stranger, which I hate doing. Two neighbors, Patty and Lennie, had talked to this guy Dan at a Pear Theater gala party. He’s an AV and stage lighting guru and also the guy who plans and directs the fireworks display at Shoreline each year. And he has some history with Channing House. So Patty insists I should contact him for A/V advice. I called him and he was super nice and friendly and we had a good tech talk for about 20 minutes. I’ve booked him to come have lunch here and meet a few other of the AV group, in July. More when that happens.

Then I was late for an appointment with Lynn on the 10th floor, a tech squad call. Her problem was with her phone, she had replaced the house phone with Panasonic wireless phones. I couldn’t make any headway, I didn’t even know what to look for. Later Bert went and reported a real problem so at least I hadn’t missed anything obvious.

Then it was time for the 10:45 writers group. I had nothing to read. There were a couple of nice contributions.

I had lunch in the dining room and then drove to FOPAL where I found only two boxes of books to my surprise. Processed them and headed back. Was relaxing and almost asleep when neighbor Caroline called to remind me that we were scheduled to have dinner tonight. Ended up a party of five, very pleasant.

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