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Sunday 06/05/2022

Today, I decided to take my neglected pot plants in hand. I had a plant whose leaves were dirty because there had been a white fly infestation. I had killed these nasty things with a soap spray, but they drop sticky liquid, and then wind-blown dust sticks to the leaves. The same plant was also leaning over and needed to be staked.

Plus at the Strategic Planning off-site weeks ago, our table favors were tiny succulents in 1-inch pots. I’d brought a cute one home but it needed a proper pot, the tiny plastic pot needed watering every day. And also, months ago I had bought a really lovely marantha or such with pretty green and purple leaves, and plunked it down in the living room by a window. It had been very happy there, so happy that now it was so completely root-bound it wouldn’t hold water. But the only larger pot I have, lacked a saucer, which is essential for a plant that stands on an end-table.

Off to the nursery to buy a nice 4-inch pot, and some plastic stakes, and some potting soil and some 8-inch saucers. Then I took the gummed-up plant (I don’t even know what it is, I lost the tag) and held it under the shower to get it washed off. Staked it upright. Potted the little succulent. Re-potted the big marantha. Watered everything.

At 1pm I had a conference with Stew and Lennie over an upcoming event. That was about the day. I could have gone to two baseball games, but didn’t. Just kept tabs on them online. Also the Warriors won.

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