3.186 fopal, tech

Monday 06/06/2022

Went for the standard walk and felt fine. Just like 2020 or earlier.

Drove to FOPAL to process 6 boxes of books. This is the week before the sale weekend. Today I spent two hours pricing and shelving. I plan to go back for another hour tomorrow to tidy the shelves and arrange books nicely.

Back home, David G. called, wanting to experiment with computers and zoom in the auditorium so we did that for an hour plus. David G. is a retired surgeon, smart, experienced computer user, and with the both of us that zoom simulcast crap is still a struggle.

Also have a tech squad call to help Grace with some iPhone problem. Talked to her briefly in the lobby before supper, and it sounds like her iPhone can’t connect to wifi? Promised I would look at it tomorrow.

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