3.184 walk, choral event, baseball

I meant to continue last night, where I was telling about looking at Road Scholar tours, to add an emotional reaction. I was looking for something else, but one of my searches turned up a tour of the south of France. Looking briefly at the itinerary I saw a lot of familiar names, starting with Aix-en-Provence. That brought a wave of memories of when Marian and I toured that area in… what year was it? This morning I went into the photo collection to verify the date: that trip was in 1990. Anyway, something about remembering that trip just gave me a wave of loss and grief such as I haven’t felt in quite a while. A different life, now absolutely out of reach.

Saturday 06/04/2022

Decided that I wanted to walk to Midtown for coffee, which I did. I held open the option of taking a Lyft back, which is what I did the last time I did this, but no, when I finished the coffee and scone, I felt fine and just toddled on back on my own tootsies. And felt great. Total miles for the day, 4.4.

At 1 it was time to go to an event, a choral performance. One of my neighbors, Bert, is a member of the Peninsulaires, an a capella singing group. Today they were holding a joint performance with Mission Valley Chorus, a women’s group. I was on my way to my car in the basement when I passed Bert’s wife Barbara, who was waiting for two other riders to carpool with, and attached myself to them for the free ride.

The performance was nice.

Neighbor Bert is 3rd from the right

This was at Grace Lutheran in South Palo Alto. Afterward, at Bert’s suggestion, I took a look at the church’s A/V setup. Very fancy with a video switcher and six cameras. I took a couple of pictures of that and sent them to the A/V group.

At 6pm I left in my car for Stanford to see Stanford baseball play Texas State in their Regional game. Stanford had a bad moment in the 4th and was behind 1-4. Coincidentally I had just got a frozen lemonade thing from the concession stand. I like the frozen lemonades because they take a long time to eat, ten minutes or more. Now I realized that I would be sitting in a big crowd (fewer than half with masks) with my own mask down, nibbling frozen treat, for ten minutes. And we’re trailing. So fickle fan that I am, I left. Stanford eventually lost, and will have to play on the loser-bracket game tomorrow. I have not stayed through a whole game this season. It is quite the waste of money. I think next year I won’t renew my season ticket.

Back home at 9pm, I got absorbed in working on my essay for Tuesday’s writers group and now it’s 11:30 and I am way late going to bed.

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