4.183 decline, tech, baseball

Friday 06/03/2022

Went for the standard walk and felt fine. Definitely stronger than pre-TAVR.

The year is half over, so how, you ask, am I doing on my crossword puzzle times? Back at the end of 2021 I wrote that my time to solve the LA Times daily crossword puzzles was steadily increasing. Is that ominous trend continuing? I thought mid-year was a good time to check. Yes, the trend continues.

I’m holding my own on Sunday and Friday. The other days I’ve slowed down another 5%.

Mid-morning a neighbor called me because she had updated her version of Quicken and it had messed up the display of her data. In the end I was no help. I don’t know Quicken, so I just tried to back her up to a prior version, but failed.

At noon I headed over to Sunken Diamond to watch Stanford Baseball play in the NCAA regional they are hosting. They won.

Spent some time looking at the Road Scholar website and thinking about where I might travel. Right now many of their tours are already booked for the rest of the year.

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