3.180 puttering

Tuesday 05/31/2025

Paid a couple of bills. Took a short walk, up to Whole Foods to see if they had my favorite beer, as they sometimes do. They didn’t. Worked on the car model. Attended the writers group meeting. I had nothing this time, but next week’s cue is something I can get into: “your favorite comic strip or character, and what it says about you.”

At three points today, somebody from El Camino Hospital called me to check on me. One was legit, in the sense that I could have a conversation. That was a call from nurse Kathleen, who works with Dr. Rammohan. She asked intelligent, probing questions and had useful info. Among other things, she reminded me I was supposed to book an appointment with cardiologist DiBiase, and an echo. After she rang off, I did call for that and scored the last appointment on DiBiase’s last day before she leaves on sabbatical! That’s in early August.

The other two calls were useless. One was a person who clearly knew nothing about me or what procedure I’d had, and just wanted in the nicest way to run through a long script of questions about my post-op care. The other was a recording from the head doctor assuring me they were very grateful I’d chosen their hospital for, fine, thanks, click.

Had a long nap and ate dinner in my room. Although signs and feelings are, that the TAVR has improved my health all around, it hasn’t done anything for my overall mood.

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