3.179 fopal, tech, picnic

Monday 05/30/2022

In the morning I went down to FOPAL and as usual found 6 boxes of computer books. It took a couple of hours to process them, which I did with no problem. Then back to CH for lunch.

Have I written about the 4th floor TV? My friend Stew led a drive to get his 4th floor to install a big TV in their lounge, his idea being they can show movies and such. They got a very nice looking 65-inch Samsung on a wall mount. They have a Blu-Ray player and plan to get a Roku. (The staff vetoed them getting a Comcast subscription for it; I’m not sure why. Nobody to charge the subscription against, maybe?) But Stew wants to be able to get content from a laptop up on the big screen.

This ought to be possible; the TV claims to support Apple AirPlay and whatever the Windows equivalent is. So today I tried for the second time to make that work. And failed. Two different MacBook Pro laptops, one new, one 5 years old, and both can “see” the damn TV on the network, they both list it in the menu of remote devices they could talk to, but when they try to connect they spin for 30 seconds and say “Unable to connect with” the name of the TV.

It’s not a big deal; they work very well when connected to the TV by an HDMI cable. But it would be cool to do it wirelessly. Never mind.

Then I went downstairs and picked up my sack supper. On holidays we get a sack supper and the kitchen staff gets off work early. Next to Patty’s apartment and borrowed a serving bowl and spoon, as I don’t have those. Then I pitted about a pound and a half of cherries. I took that and my sack to our picnic in the floor dining room at 6. Ten people around a big table. Including Edie, from whose house the big table came. It really is a gorgeous table, with eight matching chairs. Couple folding chairs to fill in. Nice.

Later I plan to go up to the roof and look for meteors. Results tomorrow.

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