3.181 managing, lecture

Wednesday 06/01/2022

First thing, I went for The Standard Walk, the first one in about 3 weeks. I felt it at the end, but not in the same way that I did pre-TAVR. Then I just felt tired and wanted to rest early. This was more about muscles feeling strain from being out of shape. Anyway, little bit and I should be getting back to where I was, wherever that was.

Lots of emailing in support of the AV group. I;m having trouble getting people to sign up to cover events. Trying to be cool and supportive. Takes time and attention. Tomorrow, more of that.

At 3:30 I left for CHM where I watched a live interview with Sal Kahn, the founder of the hugely popular Kahn Academy, free online education for the world. He’s a warm, engaging, articulate guy. His interviewers at this event, not so much. They should have just put him behind a podium and let him tell his story. Kahn Academy was already serving millions of learners in 2019, but you can imagine what two years of pandemic-related school closures has done. You’ll have to imagine it because there were no specific numbers given tonight.

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