3.178 snacks, concert

Sunday 05/29/2022

After all my usual Sunday morning pleasures (watering the plants, doing the crossword) I decided to go to the California Avenue farmers market and maybe buy some cherries. The 6th floor is having a picnic supper tomorrow night and I could bring them to share.

In other times I have walked that 2-3 miles, and probably will again, but this time I drove. And after buying cherries and an almond croissant from The Midwife and The Baker, to Safeway for a few groceries. Then home to pass the time until 2 when there was to be a jazz concert at the Congregational Church. That’s just a 1.2 miles away and my initial plan was to walk that, but when it came time to leave, I didn’t feel like walking so went again by car.

The concert wasn’t great. Nothing wrong with the musicianship, in fact the performers all had (per the program) very long resumés in pro jazz and the singer, Kenny Washington, is famous enough that I had heard of him, and he was fun to listen to. But much of the selections were not a type of music I can listen to for any length of time. I have a simple ear, I like melodies and rhythm. This was the kind of show where each of the six players would take a looong solo, in turn.

Anyway a quiet day and pleasant.

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