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Saturday 05/28/2022

In the morning I first filled out my ballot for the June election. One more thing off my coffee table, it’s almost empty now. Then I walked the ballot up to the drop box at City Hall. I was walking briskly, more brisklier that lately, and feeling good. The TAVR really made a difference, it isn’t just placebo effect.

I came back by way of the farmers market, which I haven’t been in for a couple of months owing to dieting, and bought a pound of Rainier cherries and a chocolate hazlenut pastry. That was my breakfast and my lunch as well.

Then I helped a neighbor, Joan, record a treasured tape from her walkman (yes, a real Sony Walkman from the … 90s?) into her Mac.

After a nap I went down to the auditorium to help David M. run a concert. He would normally have done it alone, but he just had two stents put in and isn’t supposed to exert himself. I didn’t point out that I just had a giant stent put in and am not supposed to exert myself either. Turned out, there was no exerting needed anyway.

The concert was really nice, two women doing classical piano and violin duets. Very complex stuff by famous composers and done very well indeed.

Dr. Rammahan had referred me to a cardiac rehab program at El Camino Hospital. Dr. Margaret says there is a better one, HeartFit for Life, which was founded by the late husband of another resident, Karen. I like the look of their website and of course they are much closer than the other. So I messaged Dr. Dibiase asking if she approved would she refer me to that program. I kind of like the idea of a closely supervised fitness program to get back, or back-ish, to where I was. At some point.

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