3.168 old phones, tavr scheduled

Thursday 04/19/2022

Decided to go for a short walk mainly to get rid of old phones. After I got a new phone last week I had two old ones: the iPhone 5 that Jean was using and didn’t want, and the SE 2 that was replaced by the SE 3. Then I remembered I had kept the previous SE when I got the SE 2. Pulled it out of the drawer it had been in for 2-3 years. Now I had 3 old iPhones.

So took them to the Apple store and a sales person walked each through the process of turning them in. First you power them up (the oldest SE had to be on a charger for a few minutes but it did come up) and connect to the store wifi. Then you use the phone to take a picture of a QR code that starts a special diagnostic running, at the end of which it tells you how much trade-in the phone is worth. That was $45, $35 and $0, from youngest to oldest. Then you reset the phone to factory (it’s right there in the Settings/General). It took twenty minutes to do all three and now I have two small gift cards for when I want to buy something at Apple.

I noticed walking the 8 blocks or so and back, that I was getting tired. I think the valve is getting worse. It had been three days since I talked to the surgeons with no call from a scheduler, so I emailed the nurse, who soon replied apologizing, saying PAMF was having a Covid outbreak and were short-handed. OK, Channing House too, so I know how that goes. (Actually, per today’s email update, we are several days without a new case and our outbreak is over.)

Soon after that, a scheduler called and we set the time: 7:30 AM next Thursday, the 26th. Since I will have to be there at 5:30am, I figure to take a Lyft. If it was in normal work hours the CH car would take me, but I don’t think they would do this; and I don’t want to impose on any neighbors. On next Monday I have to drive down to El Camino hospital and get a drive-through Covid test.

At 2:30 I met with new treasurer Joanne and we walked over to Wells Fargo and closed the Resident Association account. Now she is free to set up a new account with her choice of the six banks she has talked to, which is Comerica bank.

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