3.167 Jean, meeting, laundry, tech

Wednesday 04/18/2022

First thing today was to drive sister in law Jean to a dentist appointment with her cousin, Pierre Lacrampe, who has a dental office in San Ramon. A 40-minute run on freeways each way. I was home by 12, in time for lunch and then the monthly FOPAL volunteer zoom. After which it was time to start the laundry, and then walk across the bridge to the salon in the Lee Center for a haircut with Leah. After finishing the laundry I had an hour off before it was time to go help with the tech for the Choir performance. They gave two performances today; Ian had handled the morning one. Not much to do, really, except mute a couple of mics when they weren’t being used.

I had intended to make a video recording of the performance, and I did record most of it. However I hadn’t practiced the process and messed up the sound recording of the first two numbers.

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