3.169 quiet day, dinner

Friday 05/20/2022

Didn’t do much today other that to take a moderate walk over to Gamble Gardens, and to work on polishing the T-bird body. I have decided to cruise gently toward the TAVR, not pushing anything physically.

Had dinner with neighbor Dr. Margaret who is concerned that I properly understand my condition. I do, but I enjoy talking about myself and my medical issues, and she did too so that was nice. She explained why “shortness of breath” is the first symptom of cardiac insufficiency: it’s just that if the heart isn’t pushing enough volume, it isn’t moving enough blood through the lung tissue to pick up oxygen. It isn’t “breath” you are short of, it’s blood flow through the lungs.

She turned me on to the POLST form which I hadn’t known about. I have an Advanced Health Care Directive but not a POLST. Although I downloaded and printed it, I don’t know how I’d get it signed by my doctor before next Thursday anyway.

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