3.162 bank, docent

Friday 04/13/2022

Had a date with new treasurer Joanne, to visit WFB to get info on our existing account. She has done the legwork (talking to six banks) to decide where best to move the RA account. But all of them want a tax ID number as part of the application. As far as we know, the resident association doesn’t have a tax ID. The Gift Shop might; Channing House as a whole surely does; but not the RA. So the question is, what ID did our predecessor use when they initially opened the account? And when was that? Joanne had talked to Diane our historian, but she couldn’t turn up anything on the actual founding of the RA. So we have to go and make nice with WFB to find out what they know about us.

Since I had a 12pm docent tour, and wanted to start for the Museum at 11, I brought the car up from the basement. Joanne and I met in the lobby at 10 and drove over to WFB. Talked to a very nice and helpful banker. Anyway, he was able to print off the original application, with, yes, a tax ID on it. We didn’t tell him why we needed it, of course. (Joanne said later, if we’d talked to him before maybe we wouldn’t want to change. I reminded her of the bank’s sending a new debit card with the name of the prior treasurer to me, two years after I took over.) The original application was in 2006, so not as far back as I expected, and none of the people named on it were familiar to me. Presumably departed this sphere before I moved in.

So off to the museum to give a tour to just three nice people. That’s a very different experience to talking to a dozen or more.

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