3.163 new phone, play

Saturday 04/14/2022

Today was a lovely open day with no commitments other than a ticket to a play at the Bus Barn tonight at 8. I did some paperwork first, then went out and did the thing that had been pending for a month or more: changed my T-Mobile contract to eliminate the second line, and got a new phone as well.

Back around the turn of the millenium we got our first mobile phone, a flip-phone with AT&T. That was 387-3645, secondary to our home land-line of 321-1986. Sometime around 2010, unhappy with AT&T service, I changed to the first iPhone 5 and T-Mobile.

Around 2014, pissed at the constant robocalls on the land-line, I changed the land-line to a second line on the T-Mobile service, and got an iPhone SE. Marian carried the older iPhone and I kept 321-1986 in my pocket. But the contract was for 387-3645 plus a second line.

After Marian passed I gave the old iPhone 5 to Jean, thinking she could maybe get used to using Lyft instead of driving. That didn’t happen and it basically sat there. But on the rare occasion that T-Mobile wanted to do 2FA they would offer to send me a text to 387-3645. No, no, that’s sitting Jean’s drawer in Mountain View, send me an email.

Eventually she gave it back. Meanwhile I have 321-1986 in every business or web service I use. It’s crucial to me. And I was afraid of messing with the T-Mobile contract for fear that somehow I’d lose that number. But today I marched into the T-Mobile store and got the help of a lovely person named Ana who was able to make all the relevant changes. Kill 387-3645 service, make my contract a single line at 321-1986, and sell me a new iPhone SE third generation and set it up. Now all I have to do is carry three — somehow I have three old iPhones — to the Apple store to trade in.

At 7:15 I drove down to the Bus Barn in Los Altos. The show was Ruthless, a musical about a cute kid who is determined to star in her school play and who will do (and does) anything to get the role. It’s a comedy with a murder played for laughs. I was only mildly amused and the whole thing was a bit cringe-y and tedious to me, so I left at intermission.

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