3.161 yosemite, managing

Thursday 04/12/2022

Tidied my house for the cleaning lady, especially since, owing to Covid keeping staff at home, we only get cleaned every other week for the next month or so.

Then off to Yosemite. Sherman and I were tasked with moving more boxes of artifacts from lower shelves to higher ones (playing Museum Tetris). After lunch, I catalogued a group of artifacts (a Sun “Sun Ray” Terminal from 2000 and its various parts), and then went through the artifact database changing all object names that contained “mouse pad” to read “mousepad”, the new standard terminology.

Back home I was queried by two different event sponsors about AV support. One’s events were in my spreadsheet and had committee members assigned. The other’s events were not in my spreadsheet. I’m not going to snarl at her because it is just possible I dropped the ball. But I strongly suspect that no Event Planning Forms were filed for those events, grrrrrr. Anyway I worked out coverage for her.

While I was at Yosemite I checked my email, and I had received the updated quote on the auditorium work. So I turned that around in an email to the people who are interested asking for comments. By the time I got home, I had some cogent questions to answer which I did, and somehow the time flew by and it was 6:40 and I hadn’t eaten. So I ate in my room.

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